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Monfre Basketball Junior Open Gyms are up-tempo, high-energy workouts that combine an introduction to our elite skills training with competitive games to create an environment for young players to expand their skills, unlock their creativity, and boost their love of the game. Each Open Gym starts with break down skill work, moves into small-sided competitions (1 on 1, 3 on 3, etc.), and then finishes with controlled scrimmages designed to allow young players to experiment, fail, correct, and ultimately learn, improve, and development new skills and fundamentals.

Players selected to participate must demonstrate a combination of an advanced skill set, an appetite to compete, and an ability to work outside their comfort zone. Players will be challenged to take ownership over their own development and get the most of the opportunity to battle against and alongside some of the area’s top players.

Monfre Basketball Junior Open Gyms provide the camaraderie of an in-season team, the practice continuity of an experienced coaching staff, and the competition consistency of a talented roster…without the hassles and headaches of the AAU circuit.  All participating players must have one aligned goal: GET BETTER.


Junior Open Gyms generally run each fall for 7 to 8 weekly sessions for 3rd-5th grade boys. Click the link below to inquire about upcoming opportunities.

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