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What Makes Us Different:


Between ever-lengthening school and AAU seasons, there is almost no off-season anymore in which kids can JUST PLAY. Play with a freedom to explore, experiment, fail, succeed, learn, and ultimately IMPROVE. Our Open Run is a chance to come into the gym and JUST PLAY against some of the top players in the area. Iron Sharpens Iron and Competition Makes Competitors.



Competing in practice against the same teammates every night can create redundancy and restrict growth. Sometimes the best way to renew your love for the game, learn a different skill, or forge a fresh idea is to play against new players. Our Open Run provides an opportunity to do just that (and also make some new hoops friends from other schools).

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Basketball can teach many life lessons, none of which is more important than realizing you can have a lot of fun and work extremely hard at the same time. We take pride in our program's high return rate each year, and the secret to that success is ensuring players are having a blast.

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