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What Makes Us Different:



We emphasize Connection Before Correction. Our camp is staffed with coaches and counselors who have a passion not just for basketball, but for mentoring the next generation. By putting in genuine effort to get to know our campers, our staff is able to build a level of trust critical to creating a successful Coach/Player alliance.



The best way to improve rapidly is to compete against live defense. Our camp is jammed-packed with games and competitions: 1 on 1 breakdowns, small-sided games, 3 on 3, 5 on 5, and full camp tournaments, competitions, games, and challenges. Bones Over Cones!

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Basketball can teach many life lessons, none of which is more important than realizing you can have a lot of fun and work extremely hard at the same time. We take pride in our program's high return rate each year, and the secret to that success is ensuring campers are having a blast.

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The core of Monfre Basketball is our contemporary skills curriculum developed from thousands of individual and team training sessions. We continue to innovate as the game changes and also find new ways of teaching and explaining concepts to young players. Learn more about our skill philosophy here

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Kids don't attend camps to stand in line for 3 minutes, perform a 3 second repetition, and then get back in line. With a camper to staff ratio of at least 4:1 we can provide individualized instruction, maximize reps, and ensure growth. None of the other benefits listed above are possible without this essential dynamic.

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